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Candice’s Family Portraits in Madison

Candice became a graduate of engineering from UW Madison May 14,2011.

Candice graduated from UW Madison Engineering Department.  She and her family came to James Studio for family portraits.   Her parents and grandparents travelled all the way from Taiwan to be an integral part of Candice's graduation.

Candice arranged the photo session a week  ahead.  She came with her mother a few days prior to meet me and see what backgrounds were available.  We discussed clothing, sets, backgrounds, and time.  She provided a check in order to confirm the shoot.   We also discussed shooting at Memorial Union or a park, but the weather was not the best and their time was limited.  So the shoot was done in the studio. 

The family shoot included three brothers.  One of the brothers had a girlfriend who was also a part of the shoot.  Everyone had a great time.  In addition to the large group portrait, we broke the group down into smaller groups with parents, brothers, grandparents, couples, and individual shots, too. 

Since the extended family was together, it was a perfect time to get professional portraits.   James Studio is less than a mile from the campus and offers excellent pricing.   The shoot was set up for an hour, but everyone was enjoying the time so much it went on for 90 minutes or more at no additional cost to them.   I offered Candice $159 for a one-hour session, plus I included two high-definition digital files with permission to print.    This is a great deal.  If you are looking for professional photography for your family, call Jim at James Studio.   You will receive a personally crafted, enjoyable experience with beautiful photographs to enjoy forever. 

During the shoot I took about 180 photos.  Below is a video I put together using just 22 photos.  Enjoy the clip.  If you have a high speed connection to the internet be sure to click on the HD icon for a better image of the video. 

Toward the end I wanted Candice to give me several fashion looks. This was one of them that is fun.

The following is a traditional group portrait. Compare it to the next image.

The following is a composite of three images. This image also had the background modified in Photoshop.

The following is Candice with her three brothers. They made for a nice triangular shape in this shot.

This is a composite of two shots. It was hard to get the hat in the right spot and get good expressions at the same time so I fixed it in post. It became my favorite image of the entire shoot.

Here is Candice with her lovely mother.

Candice’s grandparents do not understand very much English but with lots of hand motions and commotion from the photographer I was able to get some nice expression.

Her father is showing some personality in this shot.