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Paulina and Reck

Paulina and Reck are going to Florida for their wedding but hired me to shoot their engagement pictures.  It is a beautiful day in May that took us to Vilas Park in Madison for this shoot.   Vilas park is one of my favorite places to shoot engagement pictures.  If you have a high speech connection to the internet, click on the HD icon to get a better image when playing the video. 

[wpvideo ESm8TxvV w=800]

Paulina and Reck

I love the trees in the park as well as the really cool walk-over bridges.   Here Paulina is the center of attention.  In real life she is a pediatrician while Reck is a computer guy. 

With the couple down close to the water and me up near the bridge I got this piggy-back-ride shot of them together. 

The walk-over bridge is in the background here.  I love to shoot in the shade which allows couples to smile without squinting. 

The next few shots are of Reck and Paulina while on the bridge. 

I love this jump shot.  Great timing makes for a wonderful photo. 

The bridge in the background is a drive over bridge.  It is gorgeous as part of the background image. 

Like most couples, Reck and Paulina have a favorite team.  They are from Arizona so it fits that they are Cardinal fans.   The background in the following images has changed.   We moved from Vilas Park to the Arboretum’s Duck Pond. 

The following is one of my favorite pictures from the shoot.  I love Paulina’s expression and body position in the midst of walking across the big rocks.