Lake Windsor Golf Club Reception

Drew Shea and Gina Campbell were married May 9, 2009 in Deerfield Lutheran Church.  The weather provided gray skys and periods of rain, but we did manage to get some gorgeous outdoor pictures.   The church has several large stain-glass windows–at the sides, back, and even in the getting-ready room. 

Though Gina was not initially excited about this first picture, it tells a story of how she felt just before getting ready for the big day.  The picture did make it into the Getting-Ready page of her album. 

Gina & Drew-2

Meanwhile, I am also getting pictures of the guys.  This one stands out to me.   I have had other guys do this shot, but nobody carried it off like Drew and this groomsman.   

Gina & Drew-1

Couples commonly light candles during the ceremony.  But this church had a door off to the side which allowed me to get side shots while not being seen by anyone else in the church.  Shooting from the side provides for a great artistic effect.  I like to shoot from every angle possible if I can, while staying out of the way of the ceremony. 

Gina & Drew-3

This was one of those candid shots that is just precious.  You could never stage it.  It just happens at the right moment and place.

Gina & Drew-5

Blowing bubbles is a very popular crowd activity.  It gives people something to do while others are going through the receiving line.  It is a universal fun thing that anyone can do, and it looks great for the photographer.  I recommend it.  You gotta love how Gina put her arm down with the flowers in her hand–just like a New York model. 

Gina & Drew-6

The reception took place at Lake Windsor Golf Club in Windsor, Wisconsin, just a few minutes from Madison.  It is a very pretty location both indoors and out.   The thing that made this reception so unique was that they had a bean bag tournament.  They used professional-level equipment and they had about 15 or more set ups to allow most everyone to play at the same time.  It was very interesting.  This shot is of Gina in mid stride.

Gina & Drew-7

The following image is of Drew’s grandmother throwing a bag while his sister is looking on.   Providing something unique or personal to a wedding is a great idea.  It is fun, and people will remember it forever.


This was one of my artsy shots.  I like it a lot and it did make a nice background image for a page in their album. 

Gina & Drew-8

As I said, the Windsor Golf Club is a very attractive location.   If you want beautiful pictures for your wedding, it is important to have beautiful backgrounds.  I love the glass doors in the background of this image while the couple is cutting the cake. 

Gina & Drew-9

Again–the windows in the background made for some very pretty photographs. 

Gina & Drew-10