Beloit Country Club Reception

Jonathan Cruz and Ashley Houston were married on April 25, 2009 at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Beloit, Wisconsin.  

It was a rainy day, but fortunately the rain stopped long enough for outdoor pictures.   The first two photographs were taken during Ashley’s getting ready time. 


I arranged the ladies together to create this artistic photograph.  Most of the bridesmaids are present, but the bride is prominent.  This photo shows that she has the starring role today. 


Every church setting is different. and the rules change from one church to another, too.  I frequently face the tension between trying to get the best shots and remaining unobtrusive.  In this case I was able to sneak around to the side and capture several shots of Jonathan and Ashley during the ceremony.  This is one of my favorites, with Ashley looking over at Jonathan. 



The pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran church was very helpful, flexible, and a joy with whom to work.  I know that pastors struggle with photographers at times, but it is helpful when we can have a meeting of minds and serve the couple together. 


This was one of those special magical moments.  It looks like Ashley was looking right at me, which allows for great shot. 


Then there were those great bubbles.  If you are going to have a receiving line, I think it is an excellent idea to have bubbles for everyone.  It gives the guests something to do while they are waiting and everyone has a great time.  It also provides an excellent backdrop for shooting video and photographs.


Once we got to the Beloit Country Club, the weather was tricky.  It had been raining a fair amount, so the grass was quite wet.  As we were figuring out where we would shoot the majority of the outdoor shots, I lined everyone up to get this shot.  It makes the wedding party appear as mere filler or backdrop, but that is one of the things I like to do.  It is more creative and artistically pleasing than having the whole group in the shot and in focus.   I shoot plenty of those group poses, too, where everyone is in focus and has good light on them. 


This is one couple from the wedding party.  I really like their smiles.


Children are wonderful to photograph in a candid pose.  Too often, though, they give that plastic “cheese” smile.  I love this picture, as the boy showed tons of confidence. 


Here is another photograph with the wedding party in the background.  This shot was staged.


Here is the classic dip pose. 


This was a pose that I did not set up–the girls thought of this.  Ashley is showing off her ring and Jonathan is looking like he is smitten, but by what?  Is it the ring or the girl?  It does not matter; the photograph is very cute in any case. 

I like people coming up with their own practical and creative ideas.


The videographer came up with the idea for this shot.  He had Ashley and Jonathan walk away and then casually walk back.  I love this classic shot. 


This candid shot is with them in a private joke or comment–a classic image.


Inside the country club was this beautiful mirror.  I used it as a place to take a number of formal photographs of the wedding party and parents. 


The country club has a lot of beautiful full-length windows.  It was great to have plenty of natural light and a pretty background for pictures of cutting the cake.