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UW Arboretum Family Portrait Session

Mallory just had her first birthday, so it was definitely time for some family photos.  We decided to do the shoot at the UW Arboretum behind the visitor center.  It has many varieties of wild flowers and grasses for background.  We went to a nice shady area and took a number of photos. 

Mallory is expressing her personality here. She has lots of expression for instances at a time.  In this photo she is about to remove the bow from her hair.  Maybe she will keep it in for the next shoot. 

I love her blue eyes as shown in this picture. Anne and Andy are posed perfectly and perfectly happy (and proud parents) watching Mallory trot around the grassy area of the Arboretum. Using my studio strobe with the Paul C. Buff Vagabond battery pack I was able to get soft light on Mallory (though she was in a shaded area) while producing large beautiful catchlights in her eyes.

Mallory no longer needs the hand support of her parents and she quickly let everyone know about it. She did not want to be tied down; she wanted to run! But this picture of her parents holding her hands will be framed and made into a classic James Studio portrait.

James Studio

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