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Brande & Jake — Windsor Country Club Wedding

Jake Smetana and Brande Jocobson’s were married at the Windsor Country Club August 13, 2011.   I love the pictures I was able to get here.   The trees and grass make a wonderful backdrop for outdoor wedding photos.  The bridesmaids dress colors and flowers all work well in this environment. 

This video is a highlights of the day.   

 [wpvideo r6jnawTV w=800]


If you would like to check out all the pictures you can see them on line at Pictage HERE.  The pictures are arranged in categories and you can set up your own selection of favorites.   This is also the place to have prints made. 


I always look for a nice shaded area so my subjects are not squinting and I use my wonderful Paul C. Buff White Lightning off camera studio strobe with the portable Vagabond battery providing all the juice I need to get great pictures.   This first picture provides a layered look with Brade primarily in focus and next the bridesmaids and then the trees. 


 Here the bridesmaids are much more casual.  The black and white provides a different look than my usual intense colors. 

Lake Windsor Country Club

Bridesmaids on the green

I purposely cropped this picture to make it look like a panoramic.  The key is the focus on the subjects with their flowers. 

Lake Windsor bridal flowers

I love this shot with the focus on Brande’s deep brown eyes.  The bridesmaids look lovely as they gradually go out of fucus. 

Lake Windsor gorgeous bride & bridesmaids

 Here Brande is obviously on a golf couse as you see the flag in the background.  It would be easy enough to remove the flag in Photoshop but I kind of like it there. 

Windsor Country Club Bride

 The following picture is of Brands’s bouquet behind her back.  It is a good closeup of both the flowers and the beautiful detail in her dress. 

Lake Windsor Bride's Bouquet