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Saint Dennis Church in Madison

A week before the wedding I dropped by Saint Dennis church, where the ceremony and outdoor pictures were taken.  It is a very large, very attractive sanctuary.   There is a great deal of natural light flooding into the front of the church.  That can be tricky photographically, because the outdoor light is different than the indoor light.  This creates a conflict between the people in the front being a warmer color temperature and the background being a cooler color temperature.


This side view shows the interior lights having a yellow cast while the light coming in from the front looks different.

Side view of St. Dennis

The stained glass windows are beautiful and provide a classic feel for this newer sanctuary. 

Stained glass windows

This garden is one nice place for outdoor portraits.

St. Dennis flowers

The wedding party enjoyed a few pictures here.

Play ground

The playground can be a fun place to take pictures of the whole wedding party.