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Devil’s Lake Wisconsin

I have started a new category called Daily Photos.  This will be a good place to come to see my latest work.  I thought Devil’s Lake would make a good start. 

Our family went to Devil’s Lake as part of our 4th of July break.   It was a pretty day with sunny skys. 


I took a stroll along the lake to find some interesting things to shoot.  This area of the lake is set aside for dogs to swim in; even so, the water was crystal clear.  


Again you can see that the water is clear; this, too, was in the dog section of the lake.  Her little dog was running around nearby. 

Child in lake

Devil’s Lake was formed from a receeding glacier.  It left many giant boulders all around the lake.  Features that makes this area so pretty are the rock walls, cliffs, and boulder fields.  I approached one of the bolder fields and found these flowers. 


Yellow Flowers

I don’t normally get real excited about flower pictures, because flowers just sit there.   But this gorgeous Devil’s Lake background makes this flower picture worth much more  to look at. 

Lillys Lake

This picture below is probably my favorite for the day.   I like how the lillies are so open.  The camera view sees the whole flower. 

Lillys at the lake

These flowers would not mean anything to me, but I like the way the camera caught the walkers’ legs, skewed and out of focus. 


Canoe fishing

Evidently there are a lot of bass in Devil’s Lake.  One couple I spoke to said they catch bass every time they come here.  Maybe it is a fishing tale, but he said one day they caught 80 bass.  I didn’t ask if they threw some back.  I hope they did.  I am not a fisherman, but I would think 80 fish for two people would surpass the limit for a day.  

It was a good day for outdoor scenic pictures.