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Studio Photography of 5-year-old child Dylan

I am on the video team at my church.   A few weeks ago I was shooting with Chris during the morning worship service.  It was still very early, so Chris had his son, Dylan, with him.  As we were chatting, we talked about updates to my new studio on University Avenue and portrait photography of kids.  A few days later Chris made arrangements to have Dylan come in with his mom, Kelly, for studio portraits.  The following are some of my favorites from our session.   

Dylan is showing off some of his Kung Fu moves.  This could come in real handy as a Yankees Fan. 

In every session I try to get unique poses and looks that I have not done before.  As in the image above, it is great when people show their personality and some spontaneity.  Even so, I always get the traditional poses too. Here is one with mom.

Dylan is a bright kid.  He has bright eyes and lots of personality.  I think the photograph below reveals some of his spunk. 

Child Portrait Dylan

One of my favorite backgrounds is made of barn wood.  The multi-toned wood provides an interesting character to the photograph. 

Child Portrait Dylan

I like this up close look at Dylan while his legs and feet are fading in the background. 

Child Portrait Dylan

I have a variety of stuffed animals in the studio.  I also have a rubber chicken.  As I was holding the chicken, I asked Dylan to mimic what he guessed the sound of the chicken would make.  I had him do it a couple of times and then I squeezed the chicken.  It does not crow or go, “Bawk, bawk”.  No; it howls!  This was hilarious to Dylan, which resulted in the following shot. 

Family Portrait Dylan

Back to showing some classic boy personality.  Here is Dylan doing the splits. 

Child Portrait Dylan