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DeForest ceremony and Crown Plaza reception in Madison Wisconsin

On July 17, 2010 near Deforest, Wisconsin, Keirsta Mickelson and Brandon Storm were married in the Spring Prairie Lutheran Church by pastor Sylvia Lee-Thompson.  I found Keirsta to be a cheerful, flexible bride who was totally excited about her special day.  Brandon was a gentleman watching out for his new bride.  It was fun to watch them interact with each other. 

Keirsta’s dad was a goof off.  Here he is paying Brandon off just before the wedding.  Of course Brandon was glad to oblige his offer.   No, he didn’t keep the money.   By the way, Keirsta really enjoyed this picture and included the picture in their album. 

Keirsta & Brandon dollars

An hour or so later Brandon and Keirsta sealed the deal as they exchanged vows.  This shot was taken from the back of the church using my Canon 7D camera with the 70 – 200 mm image stablized lens.   It provides a nice, crisp image with the background nicely blurred. 

Keirsta & Brandon vows

I like this photo because it is just a little off center, a little tilted and from a low position. 

Keirsta & Brandon aisle

This photograph was taken after the ceremony.  One of the family members suggested and set up this pose.  She said that it was done for her wedding and she loved it.  I agree that it is a very nice pose and I will use it in the future.  I do enjoy getting good ideas from both the young and the more mature participants. 

Keirsta & Brandon formal

This shot is a James Studio staple.  But it is a tricky shot to get since the couple needs to hold the rings out as far as they can while positioning them so that their hands do not obscure their faces.  Meanwhile, I need to be in the right position with the right angle and get a crisp focus on the rings while handholding a camera with along lens and doing it without moving.   One could argue that this image is not as good as it could be because Brandon’s face is mostly cut off, but artistically I think it works really well. 

Keirsta & Brandon rings

I always love it when people in the wedding party pictures are exuberent.  I love the groomsman in the air and the bridesmaid acting like a kid flying.   This image was used for Keirsta and Brandon’s wedding album cover.  Notice the text at the bottom of the image. 

Keirsta & Brandon running

This image reveals the couples fun personality.  Keirsta told me that it does a good job of capuring Brandon’s great facial expressions.  That is why it is one of my favorites from their day. 

Keirsta & Brandon cake cutting