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Sara & Aaron — Badger Farms Wedding

It was May 21, 2011, while some people around the world were expecting the rapture and cataclysmic events, Aaron and Sara were happily getting married.   It was an interesting day with a fair amount of wind blowing the clouds and causing rapid changes in local weather.   For this outdoor May wedding would the sun shine, would it be cloudy or would it rain?  Yes!   Just as Sara started coming down the aisle it was raining hard.  I would dare say it was pouring.  Then as soon as she took Aaron’s hand peace took over and the rain stopped.  

It is fitting symbolism for a wonderful relationship.  The rain falls but together with the comfort of a good friend they find peace and assurance that they can make it through. 

 The following is a short highlights of the day.    If you have a high speed connection to the internet be sure to click on the HD icon for a better image of the video. 

[wpvideo GMEUdJb5 w=800]

James Studio, LLC

I love this photo of Sara and her mother.  Badger Farms is a great location for a wedding.  It not only has beautiful green fields it has rows of trees, several rustic buildings, rusty machinery and lots of cool things for great backgrounds.  The barn has been converted into a beautiful reception hall and it is also used for indoor weddings. 

The guys were all wearing black canvass tennis shoes. 


The acoustic guitar. 

The flower girl saw her mother and came running. 

It is a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding.

During the ceremony this young man found a comfortable place to rest.

Taken after the ceremony near the receiving line.

The following shot is a frame capture from the video I took.  During the cake cutting, Aaron was being so respectful and dull.  I tried to rally the crowd to egg the newlyweds on.  Then fun happened.  

This picture below again reveals the beauty of the area.