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Orpheum Theater and State Street

Kristine Jarman & Micheal Herman were married at the Orpheum Theater in Madison Wisconsin September 18, 2010.  Earlier in the week I watched the forecast change from sunny to rainy, with thunderstorms expected in the afternoon.   But when Saturday actually came, there was not a drop of rain until the late evening.    It was also the first  Badger football home game of the season, so I am certain they were happy for the fair weather, too. 

The Orpheum Theater is on State street in Madison.  It is a very beautiful historic theater.   Notice the ornate features with a grand staircase on both sides.

   Orpheum staircases

The ceremony and the reception both took place in the foyer, with the wedding party in the balcony. 

Orpheum theater wedding

 A view of those who attended the wedding.  Again–notice the staircases. 

Orpheum wedding below

The following are some shots from State Street and near the Capitol.    Showing in the iPhone is a family photo that I took earlier. 

Kristie & Michael with iPhone

This fun shot is of them throwing candy in the air with the goal of catching most of it in their mouths.  I think Micheal must have tossed his candy up several feet, because it can’t even be seen in this picture. 

Kristie & Michael candy 1

Here’s a shot of the candy again.   I have to give Kristine high marks for being a good sport.  She had some concerns about this happening right. 

Kristie & Michael candy in the air

Here is Kristine & Micheal walking back to the Orpheum theater.   It is interesting to see some of the other street activity.  One of the great things about State Street is that you can often walk down the middle of the street without a problem because regular traffic is not allowed on major sections of it.   

Kristie & Michael with the Orpheum sign

Before the ceremony the staff at the Orpheum set up the tables, chairs, candles, etc. for the dinner later that evening.  Originally there were more seats on the ground floor.  A few hundred chairs were removed to make room for receptions.  With the wedding party table on the stage and the red seats on the other side, it makes for a beautiful reception venue.

Orpheum theater empty

Here is what it looks like with the candles lit and everyone seated.  While most of the people do look out of focus in this picture, the people at the bottom of the picture are in focus.  Use of my 50 mm 1.4f lens (an excellent low-light lens) causes one part of the picture to be in focus while another part of the image is out of focus. 

Orpheum theater crowd

Dessert was not the traditional wedding cake, but pie from the Hubbard Avenue Diner.  I had the chocolate and peanut butter cream pie.  It was the most delicious pie I have ever eaten.  As I was ready to leave for the evening, Kristine handed me a whole pie neatly wrapped in a box.   It was a very nice way to say good bye.   

Hubbard Avenue Diner Pie

Next was a fantastic dance reception lead by Tim Thai of Isthmus DJs.  Tim and his associate did a great job the rest of the evening.  They had a fantastic sound coming from their speakers.  And the party lights were very modern and interesting.  The people were clearly enjoying the whole experience, as everyone was energetically singing and dancing with the music. 

Tim Tai of Isthmus DJs

Kristine and Micheal clearly had a great time the whole evening!

dance lights