New Photos

Governor Dodge State Park

My family and I spent a day at Governor Dodge State Park on August 19, 2010.  Though we had never been there before, it is very likely that we will return.  It is a much bigger area than we imagined and very beautiful. 

Since I brought my camera along, after lunch I went out looking for interesting things to photograph.  I used my macro lens for getting most of the following images.   The shot below is just a weed in the grass but it is still kinda pretty. 

Govenor Dodge State Park flower

I love the detail I get with the macro lens.  It is very cool to see the transparent wings of this insect.   Also, his tail is very good camouflage because it looks like it could be a type of grass or weed. 

Govenor Dodge State Park dragon fly

As I was walking back from my little hike I met up with a couple of boys.  They were frog hunting and found two frogs and captured one.   Below is one of the frogs in its natural environment.  He or she blends in pretty well.

Govenor Dodge State Park frog

The boys took very good care of the frog and eventually released him.   But here is a picture of him close up. 

Govenor Dodge State Park frog in hand

The following is another view of the frog.   You can tell the boy is pretty proud of his catch. 

Govenor Dodge State Park frog with boy

And the following is my favorite shot from the day.  The frog looks like he is completely content and could be a life-long buddy. 

Govenor Dodge State Park frog art

Governor Dodge State Park has a pretty decent water fall.  I thought it would be pretty small when I heard about it but I was pleasantly surprised.  To get to it we had to walk down a trail into a gully area that is largely covered over with trees.  The whole area is very nice and a very good place for taking pictures. 

Govenor Dodge State Park Family