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James Studio Madison Wisconsin Senior Photography of Matthew

On July 22, 2010 Matthew came into the studio with his dad for some basic senior photos.  Taking pictures was not Matthew’s favorite thing to do during his summer vacation.  But with dad’s help in getting him here, we did get it done. 

After a few shots, Matthew warmed up. 

I also got some shots of Matthew with his dad against the high key wall.   The white wall provides an uncluttered look that is often seen in magazines and websites.

Senior pictures are due at the beginning of October, so Matthew and his mom set up a time for a second shoot.  This time they went shopping first, so Matthew was prepared.  Here is Matthew sporting his favorite shifrt with the barn-wood background. 

Matthew Cooper at James Studio

I also took some pictures of Matthew with his mom. 

Matthew & Chris Cooper at James Studio

Matthew was kind of touchy about pictures of his mom kissing him.  So in the following she just gets close. 

Matthew & Chris Cooper looking toward Matthew

Across the street from the studio is a very nice set of railroad tracks.  So we all took a short drive to the other side of the tracks.  We found a good place to park and got some terrific pictures with Matthew on the curved tracks.  

These tracks are still in use.   As we were parking, a train was going by.  I regret to say I did not get a shot of Matthew with the train in the background.  Maybe with the next senior. 

I have been at the studio doing some late-night editing.  Though the traffic noise is hardly noticable, when the freight train goes by it makes a great amount of racket.  The students in the nearby appartments must be very good sleepers or they get greatly annoyed.  The wheels make a high-pitched screech as the train goes by. 

Matthew Cooper at the railroad tracks

Matthew has this hot car.  It’s a BMW and I have been told that it was a race car.  As you could imagine, Matt enjoys his car.  He was pretty shy about showing it off in pictures, but with his mother’s encouragement, he was willing to do it.  This spot is close to Hoyt Park.  I think it worked out very well.  Here are a couple of the angles I got on Matthew and his red BMW race car. 

Matthew & BMW in the background

The following is my favorite shot of the day. 

Matthew Cooper with his BMW sports car

This is a cool shot of Matthew’s mother fading away. 

Matthew & Chris Cooper in the background

Here are a few with just Matthew.

Matthew Cooper near Hoyt Park

I asked Matthew to give me the tough-guy look.  He was not into it.  But we did get a nice photo. 

Matthew Cooper looking tough.