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Family Portraits

Rebekah and her children came in to the studio for family portraits on July 22, 2010.   The youngest child was a live wire at times and at other times super cute and cooperative.  With a little help from the studio toys and some patience, I got some nice photographs.  Rebekah wanted the look to be casual.  Below is a sample of our time together. 

There was some Photoshop manipulation to get this picture to work.  Can you tell which person was radically changed and how?  Go to the bottom of this post to see the answer.

The studio cow made his debut in this photo. 

Now when you have a kid acting this cute, you’ve just got to show it off. 

Her gentle expression nicely matches her personality.

This was taken in the studio, though it may not look like it.  I wanted the look to be like a regular home rather than a studio with a backdrop.  We have many nice backgrounds, but this time I wanted to show a natural look and the family was game for the idea.  

The family has quite a bit of history in countries outside the United States.   The boy’s hat illustrates their continental flair. 

In the top picture of this post, the original picture of  the girl in blue was unflattering, so it was replaced with another picture.  It is not a simple cut a paste but with Photoshop it looks pretty seemless.