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Julianne & Erik — Waukesha Engagement Shoot

June 4, 2011 was a beautiful day for taking pictures.  Julianne and Erik had just signed a contract with me for shooting their wedding on Labor Day weekend, 2012.  They were looking forward to getting their engagement pictures completed.  We had a perfect day for an engagement shoot.  See the video below for an overview of the shoot.   If you have a high speed connection to the internet be sure to click on the HD icon for a better image of the video. 

[wpvideo 5H2FMCrQ w=800]

Waukesha Engagement Shoot

I drove through the town of Waukesha and made my way to Carroll University, where I met Julianne and Erik for their engagement shoot.  This was my first visit to Carroll University, which, like Waukesha, is quite old and has a great deal of history behind it.  The stone buildings are beautiful inside and out.  We went to the third floor of one of the classroom buildings where there are beautiful arches with French windows overlooking the courtyard.  I brought out my fisheye lens, thinking this would be a fun look.  Sure enough– it became my favorite picture of the shoot.  I love this shot in black and white.

Silhouette windows

Julianne was showing some great moves and was having fun doing it.   Erik and Julianne met here at Carroll University, so it is fitting to have some pictures in one of their classrooms.  We got a wonderful shot. 

The picture below is in the courtyard of Carroll University.  I love that old 19th-century clock, so I was sure to get it prominently featured in several of their photographs.  More importantly, Julianne is glowing in this picture, and Erik is looking great too.

Showing off their blue eyes.

I love their expressions and the look of their hair in this photo. 

The following is an antique look for something different.  The clock is again prominent.

The manager of this establishment was more than happy to have us take some pictures in front of his building.  It was good for us too, as it provided a great look for several photos.

Down the road is a mall area where I took several pictures and this great blowup of their faces. 

One of the things on their list was to be sure and get some cool shots using the rule of thirds.  The idea is to provide plenty of space on one side for them to use as a card and place text on the other side.  The following is an example of such a picture.

The background to this picture is darker than it really was at that time, but so what?  It looks like they were dancing in the moonlight, so it makes for a nice shot.  Notice their clothing choices.  They had complimentary colors and style while wearing solid colors (something to keep in mind).