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First Presbyterian Church Waunakee Wisconsin

Elizabeth (Libby) Zeman and Alex Stark were married December 3, 2010 at the First Presbyterian Church in Waunakee.  Libby’s family have been friends of ours for many years.  It was a special treat to be hired to shoot Libby’s wedding.   

The following are several pictures from this cold day in December–all the pictures are from indoors. 

Libby and her mom in the Getting Ready Room.

Getting ready

Here is Libby in her wedding gown prior to the ceremony.  She is gorgeous.


I love how this mirror shot shows off Libby’s blue eyes. 

In the mirror

Meanwhile, the guys are showing off.  Being tough is such an art. 

The Guys

A classic picture with mom. 

With mom

 This is the beginning of the processional for Libby and her father. 

With dad

Giving away

This shot was taken while the couple was taking their vows.  The natural light is falling very nicely on Libby from this vantage point. 

Libby Vows

During the formals we got this great shot of Libby and Alex displaying their rings. 



Too often it is the bride who gets all the attention.  Here I am showing that I care about the groom, too.

Alex look

This shot is a beautiful composition.  The placement of Libby’s hands on the bouquet, the veil slightly hiding the flowers, and the Christmas trees out of focus are all nice elements of this photograph. 


The reception was at the Marriott West Hotel in Madison.   Here the couple is starting to relax. 


O.K., relaxation is over; back to work.  This shot was taken at the waterfall in the atrium of the Marriott Hotel.  The atrium is huge.  It is like being outside. 


This shot was recommended by Libby as she remembered a similar picture in her parents’ wedding album. 

Rings in focus

I love these shots at the end with the wedding party going crazy in the background while the bride and groom show off a good kiss.