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Deforest Family Portraits and Marketer

If you are interested in photography or videography, you might be hearing from Vicki Stagliano.  She is my new marketing person!  She is ready to meet you and introduce you to my style and product line.  So let me introduce you to Vicki and her family.  One of the things that attracted me to Vicki, besides her organizational prowes,s is the fact that she loves people.   She enjoys communicating in a variety of ways–in person, over the phone, e mail, Facebook, or text message.   She is imaginative, creative, and is a pro at customer service.  I look forward to her work at James Studio.  

Vicki Stagliano
Vicki Stagliano

 I recently did a photography shoot with her children.  Andrew is the oldest, Nicholas is next, and Olivia is the youngest.  

Vicki's family all three 

I met Andrew for the first time on this shoot.  He enjoys working at the Madison Airport, in one of the gift shops.   Andrew has some pretty cool blue eyes (pun intended). 


Vicki did a nice job of matching the children’s outfits.  She used primarily solid colors, which is what I prefer for pictures.  Nicholas has a very active personality, which common among boys his age.  He is a cute kid, with warm greenish eyes.  


Olivia is 5 years old and is super cute.  She has already started her modeling career as a real paid model.  

As a photographer, I like to make people look their best.   Nobody is perfect; not even me.  Hah!   In the case of Olivia I chose to improve the appeance of her teeth.  I don’t mean just make them look whiter or fill in a tooth that might be missing; it was more than that.  If someone does not want to have a certain type of correction made, I honor that.  

I have a daughter, too.  Though she is perfect to us, she does not have perfect teeth.  I touch them up in her portraits.  When people look at her portrait, they admire its beauty and do not even notice the touched up teeth.  That is what I like–it is part of my style.  


I love this image below.  I think its cute.  What do you think? 

Olivia Blinks 

Vicki and her husband and children live in Deforest, Wisconsin with lots of open spaces.  They have a cornfield in their backyard.  I wanted the kids to run slowly and fly like an airplane.  It worked, sort of; it was a little hard for Olivia to run slowly, but I got what I needed.  

Kids running 

Again, Vicki did a nice joy of coordinating their colors even to the point of having the same shade of blue shirts.  

 Vicki's family in blue

After so many pictures, it was time for a good pig pile and to blow off some steam.  

Pig pile 

Then to blow off even more steam, the kids got on their two trampolines.  Now getting them to coordinate their jumps so they were all up in the air at the same time was not the easiest thing, but we did pretty good with this shot.  Andrew also got a chance to show off his flips, which was fun to see.  

If you get a chance to talk to Vicki, tell her that you saw her kids’ photos.  I think she would like that. 

The trampoline