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Christina Quale & David Heiliger — Monona Terrace

View the wedding day highlights video here:

[wpvideo Uqt6C9bV w=800]

July 2, 2011 Christina Quale & David Heiliger were married at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin.   I began the day by meeting the couple at the Madison Hilton Hotel.  Christina and David decided to do a “first look” at the Hilton.  For those considering the idea, I think it is both exciting and romantic.  Afterwards they took a few minutes to be alone.   So for those considering the “first look”, I definitely recommend it.   It allows me to get some great photographs and the couple to have a more intimate experience. 

The following are just a few pictures from the day. 

Christina’s beautiful dress. 

Lacing up the back of the dress.

One of the “first look” pictures.

Because of the “first look”, we had time to do the outdoor pictures before the ceremony. 

Wide angle of the wedding party at the Monona Terrace. 

I love the deep blue sky in these photos.  My polarizing filter helped with that. 

The eyes have my vote.

I have every couple do the dip, and I love to get the wedding party cheering them on!

The next few images are some ceremony shots at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Madison. 


The exchange of rings.


A great action shot — the kiss.

 I really enjoyed playing with the candles at the reception, with both photo and video. 

I love this ring shot.   I credit a previous customer for the idea for this shot.  She said that she saw this shot in her parents’ album and wanted it in hers.  So I made it happen and now it is a James Studio staple. 

Weddings are all about the bride, but once in a while I like to feature the groom.   I think David looks pretty suave in this shot. 

Russell Welch with Music for You was the DJ.  I have never seen anyone get the people involved as much as Russell did.  He was amazing.  If you need a DJ, consider Music for You

The father/daughter dance came toward the end of the evening.  I had to include one of their dance photos.