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Zoey the dog, Kathy and Steve

I recently enjoyed photographing Zoey the dog in the home of Kathy and Steve.   It is especially fun to photograph people in their own home.  And Zoey is a cute dog that revealed some fun personality.   I felt that she deserved some special attention, and so I created this computer-enhanced, graphically designed painting of Zoey with her owners in the background.   Scroll to the next image to see the original photograph.   I like this painting and will be showcasing more of what I can do in future days and weeks. 

Zoey Painted

So which do you like better, the painting or the photograph?

Zoey the dog

I am a firm believer that everyone should have some great photography of themselves (OK, I may have a selfish motive in saying that but it is still true).   Kathy and Steve were willing to take that step.   This is not a candid snapshot; it is a carefully crafted portrait that complements their relationship, their personality, and style.    

Kathy & Steve

The following are a few more of my favorite images from my time with Kathy, Steve, and Zoey. 

Zoey Family

Kathy, Steve, Zoey

Kathy, Steve & Zoey Together