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Tomah WI Wedding — Erin Shie & Allen Horn

Erin and Allen were married November 12, 2011 in Tomah, Wisconsin.   The following are a few pictures from their wedding. 

Erin with her beautiful dress.  The gorgeous sanctuary of Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church  is in the background.  See their web site here:

 Groom and best man posing for the photographer.

 This was their best effort at the combined effort of muscleman pose.

 I love to get the wedding dress tie-the-backup-shot from a high squewed angle.  I love this shot. 

 Erin was great the whole day.  She was having fun.

 Here is one of the pictures of the first look in the sanctuary. 

 A nice shot of the bride and groom after they had some time to talk with each other.

 I use a studio strobe and another off camera light to get this nicely lit image of the wedding party. 

 I was using my fisheye lens for a variety of shots from the balcony. 

 This candid shot was during the ring exchange.