Luther Memorial Church

Some churches are nicer than others but the Luther Memorial Church stands out on its own.  It is a historic monument to Madison that is over 100 years old.  Its Gothic cathedral -style structure is amazingly beautiful.  Anne and Andrew had their wedding in Luther Memorial July 11, 2009 and it was another gorgeous day in Madison.    It was a good day all around resulting in beautiful pictures.

Anne & Andy-2

Anne & Andy-3

Anne & Andy-4

Anne & Andy-5

Anne & Andy are a happy couple that clearly love each other and their families.  Anne also made it pretty clear going back to their engagement photographs that she also loves photography.  She was very much looking forward to seeing her photographs.

As you can see from most of the following photographs and the one above I have included artistic borders.  Do you prefer the pictures with or  without the borders?

Anne & Andy-7

Anne & Andy-8

Anne & Andy-9

Anne & Andy-10