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The people I love to shoot more than any other, kids. They have those bright eyes, soft skin, cute freckles and little noses. OK, kids are beautiful. But they are squirrely and unpredictable too and that is half the fun. One moment you feel you have them where you want them then before you know it they are off doing something else, looking away and are somehow distracted.


Did I mention that kids are difficult to photograph. Some kids are perfect angels in front of the camera. They give you that “cheese” smile that looks like a “cheese” smile. Those are easy. The ones I am after are those elusive shots that are in the midst of action. The child is into something and has unforgettable expression and body language.

He got her this time

It takes time to capture the awesome photographs. Its like waiting for the eagle to leave its nest. When it happens and you get the shot it brings the greatest satisfaction. I want the child to feel comfortable with me as much as possible. So I will play a game with them, chat with them and create a bit of relationship.  With younger children I have a few other tricks.  I use a long feather and a rubber chicken.  I also have a monkey that is sure to grab their attention.


Some of best kid pictures are when they are reacting to or enjoying their parents. The interaction between them is precious. When pictures of children reveal insight into the relationship they have with their parents it is a treasure. It is rare and worth more than jewels.


As a portrait photographer in Madison Wisconsin I like to include all the family members if I can. The following are two of my family members, my daughter Sarah and our dog Annie. I thought you might like to meet them. Be sure to view the video.


This video was completely shot with my Canon 5D Mark II.  It includes both video and stills.  It gives an example of what can be done creatively with a high quality camera and excellent lenses. 

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The following was one of those photographs that I consider to be really special. It is of my daughter Sarah and was taken in the fall of 2008. Across from our church was this grassy field with huge boulders and trees in the background. My wife was skeptical that this would be a good place for pictures of a 10 year old girl in a pretty dress. It is true the overall scene had a grunge look that one might more likely find in Senior portraits. But as we moved around I was able to capture several pictures that will be with us throughout our lives. This is one of them.


I love to take natural looking photographs of children and their families. If you like what you see, give me a call so we can talk about your family. You can reach me at (608) 233-5556.