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How to Wisely Choose a DJ

With so many wedding disc jockeys to choose from, how are brides and grooms to find the wedding DJ who is right for them on their big day?  What questions should be asked?  The following are some important factors to consider.    

How much experience does the DJ have?
Some DJ companies have a plethora of DJs that they hire out or even sub-contract to meet customer applications for DJ entertainment services.  Therefore, keep in mind that with some DJ companies you will not know who your DJ will be unless someone is assigned to you at the time the contract is signed.  Be sure to ask who will be your DJ and how much experience the person has.  Also, ask for references.  Experienced DJs should have good references that prospective clients can access by phone or e mail.

Will the DJ play requests? 
A DJ will play 15 to 20 songs per hour at most.  A good DJ will not just play a set program of songs, but will take the requests of guests and intersperse them appropriately.  One of the primary goals of a DJ is to serve the bride and groom, and often that means keeping the guests dancing.

Will the DJ help coordinate a wedding reception?
A good DJ should provide the bride and groom with a document for helping to coordinate the reception.  It is the DJ’s responsibility to schedule special events, do the announcing, and offer a guiding hand to facilitate them.   The form helps to organize things and helps everyone to be on the same page.  It also acts as an itinerary to help coordinate the caterer, reception hall, photographer, videographer, etc.

Will the DJ bring back-up equipment to the event site?
Some DJs just getting started may have inferior equipment and only one set.  Don’t forget the adage, “You get what you pay for.”  It would be embarrassing and frustrating if the soundboard shorts out and the DJ does not have a back up.  Amps can burn up, speakers can blow, signal cables can short out, and microphones get dropped.   Check with the DJ to be sure there is back up. 

What type of attire will the DJ wear at my wedding reception?
These days anything is possible.  Look for photos of the DJ or ask what the DJ will be wearing.  A wedding reception should include an appropriately dressed DJ.

Elements of a Good Wedding Reception DJ
A good wedding reception entertainer does more than just spin music for dancing.  Your DJ is your representative.  He’s your master of ceremony.  There are many special events within each wedding reception which need a guiding hand.  The DJ is an entertainer and a coordinator who facilitates  activities such as the grand entrance, cutting of the cake, head table toasts, first dance, etc. This is why it is important to have a DJ who not only has plenty of experience but also has the behavioral qualities and characteristics to match your unique personality.  These two ingredients are the main components for a smoothly run wedding reception.

I, Daryl Beier, am the owner of Horizon Entertainment, and I have more than two decades of wedding reception entertainment experience. With Horizon Entertainment, you get the actual owner of the business for your reception.  With Horizon Entertainment, you and your guests will hear the songs you want to hear.  Even more importantly, with the help of our song request forms, you won’t hear the songs or types of music that you don’t want to hear.  I bring over 300,000 song titles from every era and music genre to your special event.  I will listen closely to your ideas, concerns, comments, and suggestions, especially to those concerning the music selection.  In addition, Horizon Entertainment prepares an itinerary of events in advance of the wedding reception.   And, yes, I bring a complete line-up of back-up equipment so that technology doesn’t bring an end to the music.  Typically I wear a tuxedo to each wedding reception.  If asked, I will wear something other than a tuxedo that is deemed more appropriate for the occasion.  I would be happy to provide references, many of which are listed on my website  Horizon Entertainment is concerned about serving its customers.  If you hire me to be your DJ, I will bring my experience, personality, and joy of entertaining and will do all that I can to help your party be all that you want it to be.

Daryl Beier
Horizon Entertainment
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