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Greg and Anastasia Blesener — Windsor Golf Club

Greg and Anastasia exchanged their wedding vows on November 23, 2013.  It was a cold but beautiful day at the Windsor Golf Club a few miles north of Madison.  The Windsor Golf Club offers a beautiful background as can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


The temperature was in the teens the whole day.  It was interesting to hear everyone’s expressions for how cold it was.  We talked about our plans before we went out, took several shots for two poses and then quickly trotted back into the building where we could warm up and go out again for a few more shots.  Do you notice anyone looking cold?


So with the guys we have to have them show off a little.


Greg looks great in this shot.  I like the European shirt collars that all the guys were wearing.  It is a touch of being different which helps to make it interesting.


Anastasia looks radiant and seems to really be in the moment.


Back in doors after completing the formal shots Anastasia wanted some pictures by this peacock art piece.    This shot may have become her favorite.


I always like to get some ring shots.  I think Greg and Anastasia did a great job here.


One of my favorite shots is with a smart phone.  I love how this picture came out.


Instead of just getting pictures of the bride and groom dance, I like to use the bridal bouquet to make a more artistic and interesting image.


I am always checking my lighting with every new place that I shoot in.  When we went from indoors to outdoors, toward the end of the evening, I was amazed that I did not have to change my lighting settings at all.  Then I saw these cool shots where the flash lit up the tree.  The light just bounced off the remaining leaves and branches to make this beautiful picture.


This shot is all about personality.  As a photographer I set people up into sets that I think look natural.  But when people get comfortable they start having fun and make things up on their own.  I love Anastasia’s expression in this image.


This following shot is one I really like to get with engagement pictures.  It does not work as well with wedding pictures because the dress is so big it is usually hard to see how the lady has her legs kicked out, but these guys nailed it even with the cloak on.


Toward the end of the evening I like to get the couple aside to shoot a final set of artistic shots.  It usually has some candles in the foreground with the couple in the background.  In this image we also had the interesting effects of the other Christmas lights.