A Fun Shot

July 11, 2009 Andrew and Anne Naylor were married. It was a busy day at the capital with vendors on every street surrounding us because this weekend held the Art Fair on the Square. It is one of Madison’s premiere annual events. Artisans display their works while prospective customers walk around the square enabling them to very quickly sample some of the areas best artistic works. It is a popular event that brings many thousands of people to the downtown area. It also is very noisy.

This shot was suggested by one of the Bridesmaids (I wanted to include their shoes). The women went back to the Capital and then ran toward me. You never really know what you will get with a set up like this but one of the Bridesmaids was especially animated as was caught in this photograph. Its not just that she was leaping but that her head was turned and her mouth open. Every time I look at this picture it makes me laugh.
So what makes a great photograph? In this case it was the bridesmaids, more than willing to run, and one woman in particular who leaped with joy. It was not planned, she just did it spontaneously and it has become one of my favorite photographs of the year.
The Capital Jump
The Capital Jump